ABOUT ME - Eddie Hade - Art & Photography

Welcome to my world of photography.

I am an Lifestyle, Family, Portrait, and Event photographer in the North Georgia area.

I have been involved with photography since my teenage years.

I believe in the power of photography. How our lives are chronicled matters, and photography is a very compelling tool for telling the story of our lives.

I am also a believer in the power of a printed photograph. While it is great that, in this digital world, we can share our images instantly, it is the printed photo that we can hang in our homes that will have a lasting impact on our legacy. These become the cherished photos that are handed down through generations of family members long after we are gone.

I find that as a photographer, life becomes more interesting when everything becomes about light and shadows, colors, textures, patterns, reflections, and the connections they all have.

I have had my photography selected for publication in the Adobe Photoshop Elements magazine.

Five times I have been awarded 1st place in the prestigious North Georgia Camera Club Council's annual photography shoot out, a one day photography competition that draws upwards of three hundred photographers each year.

I am an active member of both the Carpet Capital Camera Club here in Dalton GA and the Booth Photography Guild located in Cartersville GA.

I love all the critters of the world, but I love dogs the most.

Thank you for visiting my site

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